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New custom order! Nylon version of my Parlour, 640mm Scale length

I love when customers come to me with an idea in mind, and then work within the models I offer and are open to my ideas too. My customer was looking for a nylon string, but loved the shape and size of my Steel String Parlour model (MBG-S03). So of course I agreed to make a nylon string version, I suggested we go for a 640mm Scale length, which will work nicely within the size of the Parlour model.

Upon further discussions we came up with the wood choices, he had seen examples of my work and I offered opinions/ideas. Together we decided on a Redwood top and 3 piece Yew/Birdseye Maple back. I then emulated this in the headstock faceplate, and will continue the Yew/Birdseye Maple theme throughout the build. You can see this in the photo to the right, the colour scheme is already working very nicely! I can't wait to get stuck into this build! Will try to post updates as I go...

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