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A smashed Martin DM back, one of the guitars I have repaired in my time

Repairs are done according to
my current availability/orders at the time

I will turn my hand to fixing any issue 
that you may be encountering
Will happily take on all forms of guitars
Acoustic, Electrics, Basses, Archtops

Other instruments on request
Including Violins, Cellos, Banjos, Mandolin


Rough quotes can  be given
These can be subject to change during inspection and during the work
I will get in touch if expected increase in price

Prices are a rough guide
True price on inspection of the instrument

Set Up: £70 (+ £15 Floyd Rose)
Fret Level & Dress: £130
Refret: £240 (+£20 Bound Fingerboard)
Neck Reset Acoustic: £250

Neck Reset Vintage Hofner Archtop: £180
Other Neck Resets: Q
Body Cracks: Quote
Headstock Breaks: Quote
Electrical Issues: Quo
Everything else: Quote

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Thanks for submitting!

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