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Nylon Hybrid, Black Limba back and sides

First step is to decide which model you are interested in
Nylon Strings, 'MBG - CC50', 'MBG - CC40' or 'MBG - H'
Steel Strings, 'MBG - S01' or 'MBG - S02'

Once you have decided which model you are interested in we can start an open discussion about your instrument. Which will involve discussions on wood (some woods will incur an additional cost) and 
any specific requirements from yourself (certain customisations will incur additional costs). 
Can discuss pickup options too. 

We can also look at upgraded machine heads
Irving Sloanes for Classicals (+£400) 
Waverly for Steel Strings (+£400) 

Once we have the details all down, I will request a 15% non refundable deposit. This secures your place in my build schedule. The remainder due upon collecting the instrument or prior to me delivering the instrument/shipping the instrument.
(Fully insured international shipping can be arranged) 

General time frame can vary, depending on your position in the build schedule and my order book at the time. I try to aim for 4-6 months per instrument.

I give a 7 day grace period for you to check over the instrument.
In the unlikely event, for any reason, returns will be accepted within that 7 days.
I also include a 6 month free health check,
if you get the instrument to me I will happily check it over
and make sure it is playing as it should.

Included with my guitars is my 'casual' lifetime guarantee,
any significant structural issue I am happy to fix FOC.
I trust clients to have common sense here as to what will be included in the guarantee. Accidental damage is not included. 
Damage to wood due to humidity issues/storage issues is not included. 
Fret wear/play wear is not included.
Shipping costs are at your expense.

If you are interested in ordering a guitar click the button below for my contact details


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