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The New 640mm Scale Concert Classical (MBG - CC40) is now available!

When I moved into my new workshop (Oct/Nov 2023), I decided that I would need to build a guitar to check everything was in place and that I could operate smoothly in my new space. I thought what better way to do this than to develop a new model? This is the result, it is a traditionally built 640mm Scale Concert Classical with my own designed plantilla. I love everything about this model, the smaller body shape with gentle curves, the smaller scale length making playing a little easier on the fretting hand. Slightly thinner nut (51mm) as well just to keep it really light on the fretting hand. It is a joy to play! I strung this specific guitar with High Tension Augestine Regals. The higher tension strings help to balance the lower tension brought on by the smaller scale length. I haven't noticed any real difference in projection or power, which was one of my concerns with the lower scale length. This specific guitar is available, Sitka Spruce top and Birdseye Maple back. It is bright and lively, super responsive. Great balance between treble and bass. See the 'Available Guitars' page for more details. Of course this model is now available to custom order too, details on the 'Nylon Strings' page and 'Ordering' pages. Excited to make many more of this model with different wood combinations!

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