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New 640mm Scale Classical guitar in development 'MBG-CC40'

I am working on a new Classical model, this is going to have a 640mm Scale length. I had noted a few makers have started offering this as an alternative to 650 scales. The general reason being that it is slightly easier on the fretting hand, those big stretches are slightly reduced. Instead of just altering my usual 'MBG- CC50' and reducing the scale length, I decided to start from scratch and have developed my own plantilla (body shape) for this model. It is a slightly smaller body compared to my 'CC50', has a soft subtle waist and gentle curves in the upper & lower bouts. To go along with the idea of it being slightly easier on the fretting hand I have opted to reduce the nut width to 51mm compared to the standard 52mm nut. For this first iteration of this model I have opted for 5 internal fan braces, but this could be 7, depends on the top stiffness during the production of the specific instrument. The Sitka spruce top I had selected for this one had a great stiffness to it so I opted for less fans to allow for more movement in the top. This top came from the widow of an Edinburgh based luthier (Brian Rattray) and was dated from the 1970s. Brian predominantly made violins but also occasionally made Classical Guitars, I was very fortunate to be offered a lot of his old wood and feel honored to be building with it. I have developed a new rosette too, which has quite a fresh bold modern look. I personally think it has a 'steampunk' almost cog/gear look to it. Really happy with the look of this, I think it will be one I repeat but chop/change and play around with different woods/looks. The back & sides for this build are a beautiful set of birds eye Maple, which I have emulated in the headstock too. Contrasted with Indian Rosewood bindings, bridge and fingerboard. The neck is the traditional classical guitar neck wood cedar. Here is a collection of photos of it in the construction phases, this guitar will be completed very soon and will be available for sale. Get in touch if you would be interested and I can let you know when it is completed.

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