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New Guitar Project - Student Classical Guitar Model

I had a bit of a break last Month, I say a break... it wasn't really. Me and my wife welcomed our new born Son into the world! Rory Gregor Burnet was born on the 11th of May. Before he arrived I started putting together plans for a Student Classical Guitar Model and getting bits of it ready.

The idea being that it will be an affordable option (compared to Concert Models), making it an accessible guitar for Students who may not have the budget for a Concert Grade Luthier made instrument. But still being a luthier made instrument. The only real difference will be wood choice and design aesthetic. I am going to keep the design sort of stripped back.

Like the rosette which is one of the main design components of the guitar and can be quite intricate and time consuming. I have opted for a very simple concentric rings pattern, you can see in the picture to the side that I have also created a block of this rosette that I can slice them of from. This saves a lot of time on the production of rosettes. My more intricate designs/one off designs can sometimes take up to a week to make one rosette.

This is just one of the ways that I plan on to keep costs down. These models will also not be customisable, so it is a set design and the wood choice is down to my discretion. The only thing that a customer commissioning one will have a say on is the top wood, Spruce or Cedar. The woods used will all be high quality timber, but may be less commonly used woods. Compared to the exotic woods that you may see in Concert grade instruments. For example in my first iterations of these instruments, one of them will have a Spruce top and Ovangkol back/sides. The other is going to be a Cedar top and Cherry back/sides. These 2 instruments will be 650mm Scale length and use the same plantilla as my Concert model, I will also offer my 640mm Scale model in the Student range too. These guitars will still be expressive/responsive and beautiful sounding instruments and still built to the same standard that I build all my guitars, using the same traditional techniques. The only difference really is wood choice/and aesthetic designs. If you're a Student/just starting out on your Classical journey and think this is something you may be interested in/benefit from then please get in touch! I am hoping this may turn into a popular model that I offer, but I may limit the amount I build a year. Lots of ideas in my head about how best to offer this model, but for now I am going to build these two and see what interest there may be in them. Watch this space!

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