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Corey Dodds

Corey is a very talented young musician (only 18), he owns a wonderful Classical Guitar I made, using some very unique woods. Zebrano back and sides & an Okume neck, a bit unusual. 

He won an award for ' East LothianYoung Musician of the Year' in 2022 and went on to represent East Lothian in the final of  'Scottish Young Musicians Performer of the Year' awards, were he won 'Best Strings Player of the year'.

He also expresses a great love for Metal music and Jazz guitar too, along with his Classical playing he is a real mixed bag of highly technical guitar playing.

He posts videos of himself playing my guitar on his instagram page, Definitely one to watch! I reckon he has a very bright future ahead. 

The 'MBG - CC50' That Corey is the proud owner of

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