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Brian Nicholson

Brian is well known in the Scottish, Shetland and international folk scene, he is originally from the Shetland isles but has now settled in East Lothian not far from my workshop. He now offers personal tuition in the local area.

He has been a long term supporter of myself & advisor, I've repaired and done various services on his many guitars. I am now thrilled to say he owns one of my Classical guitars, which I am led to believe is now his main playing guitar, he told me his other guitars are now jealous. 

He is most notably known for his work with 'Maggie Adamson', another Shetland musician who is known for playing the fiddle. They released many albums together as a duo to much international acclaim and have toured around the world. 

He has also played in many bands over the years including, No Sweat, Hom Bru, Full Tilt & The Sheila Henderson Band.  You can contact him at: For personal tuition

This is the "MBG - CC50" that Brian is now the proud owner of

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