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Custom Guitar Order - Cutaway Steelstring, Redwood top & Indian Rosewood back and sides

Started 2022 off with a bang, I got married on the 9th of April! + I got a custom guitar order to celebrate the customers 50th birthday!

Indian Rosewood Guitar Back

As this guitar is a real treat for the customer, they had specific ideas that they wanted to make this guitar really their own. We discussed requirements at length and brought together the brief, with selected woods, design elements and model of guitar. They selected this beautiful piece of Indian Rosewood for the guitar back. Some of my rarer guitar top woods which I have a limited amount of, beautiful old perfectly quarter sawn Redwood, suspected to be about 100 years old since originally cut. They also selected some of my older mahogany stock for the neck, this came from a table top/work top that I got from an older gent who had it in his garage since the 1960s, so at least 60 years old, probably a lot older. Can't wait to get stuck into this build, watch this space!

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